Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Your Goals is the Eternal

This is a path of purity. Nothing short of eternity counts! . . . .

. . . . Along the way, these phenomena of the subtler world confront you.

You come face to face with them - and the subtler phenomena are always far more
powerful than the gross forms that they inhabit.

A simple copper wire, all you can do with it is tie a few things. But infused
with a subtler force, touch it, and you know what power is.

The subtler forces are always more powerful, and that's why they're more

We want people to be spiritually ambitious, and not settle for these smaller
gems, however exciting they might be..

True Nature

There was a monk at the bank of a river who kept picking a drowning scorpion out of the swirling waters only to drop again when the scorpion stung him. When his student asked him why he continued to rescue the scorpion, the monk said, "It cannot change its nature. And I cannot change my nature.

States of Mind

We experience, ordinarily, only two states of mind: kshiptam and mudham.  Both of them are simultaneous. Kshiptam: "totally distracted." This thought now, that sensation then, another emotion, another something, attraction, distraction, aversion, moment-to-moment goes on.  These random movements of the mind do not let the mind be alert.  So while a small part of the mind remains thus distracted and agitated, the remaining vast area of the mind remains in a state of mudham: "stupor."  Unaware, not awake, comatose - we're all in a coma! That's why we do not perceive; that's why we do not understand, do not understand from where the other party is speaking, do not understand what is the cause of that person's anger, do not understand what pain and anguish has caused someone to make a very negative and unfair remark about you. Conquest of wakefulness - before you start going into analyzing the spiritual visions granted you in the dream state - if they be so indeed! Swami Veda Bharati

You have to be peace to give peace

Your presence cannot distribute peace to others unless you are at peace. 

That's the only reason for you to seek your own peace. 

And it's not a therapy, and it's not a beauty treatment, and it's not a holiday resort, and it's not something to go along with a nice massage at the spa.

Meditation has been so degraded and diluted these days.  Every spa is offering meditation. 

Get out of that.  It's not a commodity to sell. 

Those who are meditation teachers in different places, have that in mind.

Come back to the purity of it. 
Come back to the selflessness of it. 


The Mastermind

Yoga that is meditation, in our tradition is first a process of de-habituation, de-conditioning the mind. . . . Whatever you will do repeatedly with your mind will become your mind's habit. You react to somebody's anger that is thrown at you because that is your habit. There is nothing natural about it. You can reverse that habit. You can change that habit. And the same situations that trigger anger in you today, when you have become a mastermind . . . You know what mastermind means? Master of your mind - when you know that mind is your instrument and you can tell your mind what you want the mind to do. 'Mind be angry'; then the mind is angry. 'Mind be calm'; then the mind is calmed. 'Mind shout loud.' 'Mind speak softly, lovingly'; mind speaks softly, lovingly. De-habituation, de-conditioning, replacing the old conditions and habits with new conditions and habits.


- from Swami Veda Bharati's lecture series Spirituality as Longevity (2003)