Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Raise Your Level

If you want to raise your lower-level energy
to a higher level of holiness,
then resort to the path of those realizations
whereby the speculation of littleness is abandoned
and the realization of the expansive is made part of personal
truth, your personal experience.

Tat Tvam Asi - Thou Art That

The master said to the disciple, after a series of lessons for the day (in those days they used to teach in very practical ways), "Bring me a vessel of water." So he brings the vessel of water. "Bring me a lump of rock salt." --Salt, in those days, used to come in rock form and you used to break it and grind it. So he brought the rock salt. He said, "Put it in the water." So he put it in the water.  "Now go, it's evening. Now rest. Come back for the lesson tomorrow."  He came back for the lesson the next morning.  "Oh son, that salt rock I asked you to place somewhere last night, bring me that."  So the disciple goes, and looks, finds nothing, says, "Master I don't know what happened. I suppose it disappeared somewhere."  So the master says, "All right, bring the vessel."  So he brings the vessel. "Sip from one end of the vessel."  He sipped.  "How is it?"  "Salty."  "Taste it from the middle. How is it?"  "Salty."  "Taste it from the other end also.  He tasted it.  "How is it?"  "It's salty!" He said, "Just as the salt has not ceased to exist, but has taken a subtler form, permeated every molecule, every drop of water, it is there, but what you could not see with your sense of vision, you can taste with your sense of flavor, there are things you can not experience with any of your five senses. That does not mean that they are not there. You just don't have the sense for experiencing them, because the senses cease their journey at that point.   That is the Spirit, the Self, dwelling in the entire universe. That is the Truth. That is the Reality, son. Tat tvam asi. Thou art that.

Comparing Universe to God

Someone wrote to Swami Veda Bharati: "What makes the universe so hard to comprehend is that there's nothing to compare it with."

He replied :

"Oh, you can always try compare the universe with God. There is no comparison between tiny  puny cosmos and (al-)Mighty Logos in one dustspeck floating about in one of the lillian rays emanating from Whose left toenail a mega-lillianesimal universes are born and dissolve every nanissimissimo-momentito. (sorry for neologisms; there were no words available).

The Essence

That which shines in your eyes is the One that shines in the sun.

That which flows as the flux of galaxies, as the current of rivers, as the channels in the ocean, is the One that flows in your bloodstream.

That which burns as the fire of hunger and digestion as a red flame in your manipura chakra (the navel center of consciousness) is the very One that burns in the belly of the earth and pours out as the volcano.

That which produces the mantras is the same as the sound in your ears. The sound in your ears is the same as sound in the entire space around you, and even beyond your reach.

Touched by Divinity

When a disciple's consciousness is touched
by an enlightened one's consciousness,
the disciple's consciousness expands.
A little realization merges its identity with the higher realization.

So too, whatever word comes from the depth of the heart
of the realization becomes a holy word.
A word becomes holy when it rises from the depth of silence -
not from a shallow silence but from a deep silence.
A deep silence is that silence in which the mind no longer utters
thoughts but is filled with a light which is the same
as the light of the universal being, the universal mind.