Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Be An Emperor

My ambition was to be totally selfless.
Now my ambition is to be totally selfish.

Let my self be such that no other self continues to be in the
universe. Let my self so expand that all selves are included in the great
Self that I am.

When my individual self so expands
that all that calls itself the self in the universe is part of that Great
Self, then I will have become a sovereign, an emperor,
of the entire conscious world of the universe,
for no "other" will then exist.

Yoga is Skillfulness in Action

"Yoga karmasu kaushalam" ("Yoga is skillfulness in Action.") Bhagavad-gita II:50 (Swami Rama's motto for the Himalayan Institute) The Supreme Cambodian Patriarch, Venerable Monk Maha Goshananda, has spent a lifetime working for peace. When he led an international peace walk from Auschwitz to Cambodia and Hiroshima, thousands of men and women from around the world followed. Maha Goshananda's country, Cambodia, a major battlefield of the Vietnam War, is still littered with millions of live land mines left behind by the Khmer Rouge. Maha Goshananda, who spends much of his time searching these "Killing Fields," says that removing these mines is his Dharma practice. Recently when an interviewer asked him why he so determinedly continued to do this, he explained simply, "I am making peace with myself." (From Awakening the Buddha Within by Lama Surya Das, pp. 230-231)

Toughed by Power

Centuries pass and that spot in which the sages have resided
draws millions of people with their little power,
little identities as limited beings, their limited I's.
It becomes filled with a certain magnetism.
A small magnetic field touched by a larger one
has no alternative but to merge with the larger magnetic field.
Like-wise. when a disciple's consciousness is touched
by an enlightened one's consciousness,
the disciple's consciousness expands.
A little realization merges its identity with the higher realization.

Be God Loving

The one you love you do not fear. If you are God-fearing you don't love God. Don't be God-fearing. Be God-loving.