Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition


Greetings on the Celebration of Silent Night
A baby's finger grows silently. In silence do the flowers bloom. The rays of light strike the earth without a sound. All powers subtle and intangible remain silent. The universe may have been created in a big bang: the all-pervading God concealed in it is ever silent.

A fetus grows silently, listening to mother's heartbeat. In silence do we think our thoughts before they become words and action.

All my life I had aspired to take a vow of silence. I did not think it was possible while traveling around in the western world. Now I carry a sign into the airplanes: "temporarily speech impaired." Silence is benevolently infectious: even air stewardesses lower their voices.

I am still learning the ways of silence; learning to radiate or to beam it. It has been very fulfilling to see that many of you came and sat with me in silent meditation. More and more I shall teach this way in the coming years.

It is not yet a blanket silence. I shall certainly speak with little children. Even with adults perhaps once a week. Till there comes a day, sooner than later I hope, when I can withdraw into the caves of the Himalayas. I plan to drink deeply of Mother's Silence's breast. Deeply and daily. . . .

I pray that you may continue to sit for your silent meditation daily.

Those who will continue to sit will gradually learn how questions are resolved in silence, not answered in words.

As you celebrate this season, remember how often you have sung of the silent night, the holy night. Silence alone make holy.

I greet you at this occasion and wish for you that the silent holiness be evolving within you: that it never cease growing. I pray that the future years se the realization of that spiritual urge which initially brought us together.

You will find in the coming year a subtler, deeper, more intense spiritually in your center. I see the way, and do wish that many will share this experience of growth with me.

May the love that we share during this season keep you joyful throughout the year.

The Lake of Love

In the true realization of subtlety there is a very e-e-even Lake of Divinity.
Absolutely serene.
It's there for you to take a pilgrimage to.
You can go --- I assure you of that --- It's there.
Once you've taken a dip in that one, you'll never forget.
You'll want to keep going there.
In That there are no tears,
no out bursts, no uncontrolled emotional welling up.
It's a Lake of Love that is ever the same.


Holiness is a life force.
Holiness is in the force called consciousness.
You are that force-not the little, limited "I" apart from all,
but that All in which you and I merge as one consciousness,
incorporating all the streams of your personality
and all the streams of the vast energies
of the universe in a single field.
The universe is a single field of life force,
of consciousness. in which you dwell as I.

Holiness and Dross

Whatever leads you to the infinite nature,
passing through you like a river,
is sacred and holy.

Whatever confines you, makes you small,
limits you to only one time, to only one place,
to the satisfaction of this body alone,
is dross.

Places of Pilgrimage

There are those who from time to time
have walked the face of the earth
who are the guides, the walking beings of light,
the saintly ones, the masters of the Himalayas.
They have dropped the mantle
of the little, delimited, delineated, conditioned "I"
and walked as an entire universe walks.
Wherever they walk the unbound life force,
the undelineated eternal light, is conveyed.
A higher consciousness is transferred to whatever object they
touch. Wherever they sit, that spot becomes holy.
It becomes a place of pilgrimage.