Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Poetry of Life

Poetry of life has a rhyme;

The rhymes are the festivals.

The verse of life has a rhythm;

The rhythms are the months, seasons, years.

As you celebrate the new season

and enjoy the festival

of annual renewal,

resurrection and rebirth

of your spiritual sun,

know that every breath

is a rite of passage

and vow to make every breath

a verse – a poem

with rhythm and rhyme.

May your entire next year

by a symphonic sonorous song.

I wish you a festival all year long.

May you have a celebration

the whole year long.

May you and yours ever become

a festival of rhythmic dance and song.

A happy season

and a very prosperous New Year

to you all.

Lily Petals of Grace

Life, aweary, lay in repose.
Death, in love, quietly tiptoed
Whispered softly into Her ear :
Friend, companion of all my paths,
Goal of my wishes in all the journeys
From eternal times across
The vast spaces' swaths,
Welcome again to my loving bosom,
Rest hereon ere we journey on.

Life, remembering, half-opened Her eyes,
In just a half-silence she half-moved Her tongue
In a response only half inaudible-audible;
The other half of Her all already over There,
Across the stream, at the Other shore, distant.

Life, remembering, half-opened Her eyes,
In just a half-silence she half-moved Her tongue
In a response only half inaudible-audible;
The other half of Her all already over There,
Across the stream, at the Other shore, distant.

You, here, again? Why, I escaped you
A myriad eternal times and yet, God!, you
Won't, won't let me Be; always and ever
Beckoning me to enter some dark stupefaction's,
Some comatose semi-state of Be-and-un-be.
Why do you, why, so chase after me,
make me always in trembling fear run?
Why won't you let me, for a moment, rest?

Death, in silence replied,
It is I who am truly thy deepest rest;
I indeed thy secret repose, Life !
Forever journeying with you so close,
You see me not alongside of you
But trust me, I'm yours, only one of those
Spaces and times where species find
Not a stony road, nor a thorny patch.
I'm the tree shade under which to pose
To oneself the question: Why did I ever
Such tiring journeys, running, chasing, choose?

Come. Come, Life, to my restful bosom.
It is the closest you will ever
get to the state
That the saints dwell in;
They respond to love.
They choose to wed me.
Then I bring them the bridal night's gift,
An unperturbed quiet into highest contemplations
The music of the harp that is God's pure Love.

Till you take to that path
Of the saints and the sages,
I am the other name
Of surrender to Divine,
I am the other frame
Of God's beauteous bliss.
You say it is I
Who in fear make you run
But, nay, it is I
Who do make you come
To daily stations of rest,
A snooze, repose, coma,
Coziness of sleep,
Winter's hibernation -
Or just simply suspending
All active senses,
Free, to quietly sit
By limpid waters flowing ~
Or lie in the green
on the shore of Lethe's river
Even as you now do.
Dear beloved Life,
I have walked by your side
Wherever you have trod.
When you sat I have sat,
When you dreamt I dreamt along,
When you prayed, led I you
Into those deepest, sweetest, clearest
Depths of the mountain
Stream of meditations.
It was indeed I;
Only I it was
Whom you cannot shun
Without whom you can neither
Rest, nor sleep, nor run.

Over yonder, there is
See, the patch of green,
Where not this, just half a sleep,
Not a half-silence serving half a din.
Others wave farewell,
I alone come along -
True and loyal, thy loving kin.
I will take you there where
It's a Perfect, Total,
It's a Complete, it's a Full
Replenishing peace, and restorative lull.

I know your habit, you will resume,
Your races, sports,
Chases after hordes
While I will keep
Myself invisible
Shyly veiled bride
But loyal and loving
Protective company.
Whenever you tire, find me along,
I am thy snooze, I am thy sleep,
In illness thy coma,
In winter hibernation,
Song am I Thine in deep contemplation,
Awaiting that moment
When in the final count,
Deliver you I
To my higher self,
A samadhi, a union
Of love from which
You will not again
Ever wish to part,
Never become flesh,
Make no new start.
Fullness shall be Thine.

Part I from thee then,
Satisfied that in bringing,
Thee, the soul, to God,
I have completed my
God-assigned part.

But for now, come,
towards the deepest rest.
I escort you, I lift you,
I carry you softly,
I close thy lids,
And drift, drift deep
Two of us together,
Eternal loving friends,
Across a stream of time
To the meadow of quiet space.
The pathways traversing, which
No little empty mind,
Only God-filled one
Can ever truly chart.

So Death whispered.
So Death comforted,
So did with love
Hold Life in embrace
Such, as though it was -
The very Universal Mind
Who showered upon Life
The lily petals of Grace.

Love Song to Gurudeva

Without Thee, I am nothing;
With Thee, I can be nothing,

Without Thee, I have nothing;
With Thee, I can have nothing;

Without Thee, I can do nothing;
With Thee, I do nothing;

Being that nothing, I was thy something;
Being that nothing, I will be thy anything.

Without Thee, I am nothing;
With Thee, I can be nothing;

Being that nothing, I have done something;
Being that nothing, I have to do everything.

Thy will be done, Namaha;
Thy will be done, Namaha;

Fortunate is he who owns everything;
Blessed is he who needs nothing, any more.

self to Self

My ambition was to be totally selfless.
Now my ambition is to be totally selfish.

Let my self be such that no other self continues to be in the
universe. Let my self so expand that all selves are included in the great
Self that I am.

When my individual self so expands
that all that calls itself the self in the universe is part of that Great
Self, then I will have become a sovereign, an emperor,
of the entire conscious world of the universe,
for no "other" will then exist.