Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Your Teacher Is In Your Heart

In May, 2009, a beautiful message to the Himalayan community was conveyed by Kai, the 6¾ year-old child of Swamiji's dear students, Jon and Veena.
After a Karate session, Veena was waiting to teach meditation to their instructor, when Kai sat down on her meditation cushion.  His hands spontaneously formed a mudra, he looked as if off into a great distance, and these words came out of his mouth:

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Winter Holiday Inspiration

Think of each twinkle as a sun
and your tree becomes a vision galactic.
Behold each gift as that of Grace
and your celebrations is a holy meditation.

With such a celebration of delighting in light
you'll witness infinity in a point in your soul;
with streams of joy, rivers of bliss, seas of silence
will be filled your entire next year's bowl.

Wishing you the seven lit candles of the Hanukkah,
a million lights of Xmas, and
a year-bowl of delight filled to the brim.

A Wish

May all obstacles become your stepping stones.
May the words you speak not enslave you.
May the words you speak liberate others.
When you walk on water, may lily pads appear under your feet.
May your heart center become a honeycomb.
May GOD name you His secrets' keeper.
May Beauty of Nature envy you for your consciousness.
May light envy you for your luminosity.
May waters envy you for your resilience.
May fires envy you for your radiance.