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Silent Meditation Retreat/Minneapolis/July 2012

Swami Veda shares this letter of Diane "as an example of egoless reaction to one's spiritual accomplishment of silence -- something to aspire for" and writes that it would be beneficial for those who undertake periods of silence with us to look at themselves in the way Diane has done -- candidly and without fear.

Dear Swamiji,
Thank you for your wonderful teaching during the days of the silent retreat at Minneapolis.
On the first day of class of the ten day retreat, Swami Ritavan asked if each might share what we hoped to achieve by attending this retreat. My reply was, "Would like to become aware of impediments that keep me from living fully through my Divine Soul."
Through not being mindful, my careless misdeed of speaking when professing silence has made me acutely aware of one of my defilements. A momentary lapse in mindfulness may easily bring undesirable consequences to what has been achieved.
Only a fool speaks words that do not come from the stillness of mind--a mind whose team of wild horses and raging elephants are at bay. This person admits to being a fool; she freely states what others may merely think or whisper. My prideful overly active mind wishes to be my master and resents being my servant.

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On the Full Moon, the Universal Mind and Love

How is it that a mother is sitting in her house and her child is in an accident. And she gets this strong feeling inside, and she runs out and finds her child. How is the connection established? Because it is a link of love between the two minds – the mind of the mother and the mind of the child.

Because it is a link of love between the two minds - the mind of the mother and the mind of the child. The mind of the masters and those who are serving the masters - their mind is a motherly mind. If you are not a mother, you cannot be a teacher. When taking a teacher training program here, whether you are male or female, learn to be a mother. A mother to anyone who passes by you. A mother to anyone who comes to your class. A mother to anyone who has any suffering. A mother to anyone who has any need. Then you are a teacher. And the persons should feel that they are being mothered. So the connection between the master's mind and your mind is like the connection between a mother's mind and your mind.

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The 5 Pillars of Sadhana

This article is on the five pillars that support yoga practice. You can think of them like a flower with five petals, all interdependent.
These five are:

  • stillness
  • silence
  • fasting
  • celibacy/sexual continence
  • conquest of sleep

Upon first hearing of them, you might be frightened. "Do you mean I have to keep still, and not move at all?" Do "I have to maintain complete silence?" "So I can't have sex?" Etc.

Before running away screaming, let's take a few moments to understand these pillars, to see that they are not so frightening after all.

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