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The Art of Joyful Living

"The word 'personality' comes from the Greek word 'persona,' or mask, because actors in ancient Greece used masks to show what character they were playing. You too wear masks. They are your personality. But who are you really? Who made these masks for you? You are the way you have made yourself. You have manufactured something for yourself to wear. Sometimes the mask exists for defense, or protection; sometimes the mask exists to deflect others; sometimes it is for creative purposes. You use the mask of the personality for many reasons.

You chose these masks. You are your own creation. When you suffer, you sometimes think your suffering is due to God, but that is a poor philosophy because God never wants anyone to suffer. Why should God be interested in creating suffering? You wanted to be the way you are and that is how you created yourself, so you should not blame others for your personality or its conflicts.

In reality, you dismiss the fact that your personality is what you have made yourself, and then you say, 'This is just the way I am!' or 'God has made me the way I am,' which means that you do not understand the word 'God.' The word 'God' stands for that principle of equality, love, and and selfless brilliance - the summum bonum of life. You should not misuses the idea of God to claim that God created you the way you are. You are a spark of the great light; there is no doubt about that. That great light that is within you is actually a nucleus, and this whole universe is its expansion. You'll understand this truth only when you have experienced it."

- Swami Rama in "The Art of Joyful Living."

Is Your Mind Weak or Strong?

Whatever we fill our minds with, that is what we become. Our thoughts determine our pleasantness or unpleasantness; our social skills or clumsy communications; violent habits or docile ones; success in marriage and in our profession or dismal failure. It all depends on how we constitute and reconstitute our minds, not daily, but moment to moment. Happiness or suffering, success or failure, is not created by others, but by ourselves.

The mind is an energy field. Just as an energy field may be weak or strong, a particular mind-field may be weak or strong. A weak energy field may be strengthened through the application of appropriate technology. A weakened mind may be strengthened through the application of certain methods: self-experimentation in mental, vocal, and physical behaviour; self-observation; concentration; and meditation.

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Three Festivals

Of the many religions indigenous to India, three stand out as the most ancient:

Buddhism and

Of these the Jaina religion is the epitome of ahimsa, non-violence at all levels. It is the most pious and most ascetic. Its monks are still today masters of ascetic life.

The religion was established by a succession of twenty-four founding Masters, tirthankaras (fjord-makers) dating back to lost periods of antiquity.

The monks of all three of the above religions wander and then take a period of sojourn at one place during the four months of the monsoons; it is called chaaturmaasya (simply, 'four months'). This is a time for contemplation, meditation, deep study and other onservances. This is also the time when they take new initiates.

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