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Next Five Year Sadhana: Guidelines

Dear Affectionate members of our spiritual family, and our leaders, teachers,

As the time is approaching fast for me to enter silence, also as the current life crosses the threshold of 80 years, it is time to give you all reminders of the principles by which you will continue the relationships within the family to make our mission of serving the Guru continuously more successful.

The attached papers are sent with great concern that some of us may forget these ancient principles and their practical applications in making long term or day to day decisions about the Ashram and the spiritual family.

It is by neglecting these principles, after this self is silenced by meditation or by death, that divisions could occur and our service to the ancient Mission of the Gurus would suffer. It is to prevent such occurrence that the attached compositions are presented to you.

Sadhana of sitting down with eyes closed is easy to undertake. The sadhana of applying yamas, niyamas and chitta-prasadanam in daily practical life is a more difficult one.

Let the attached presentations form the theme for group discussions during our gathering in SRSG in February-March 2013.

For those who are unable to come to this event, wherever you are please (a) contemplate (b) discuss (c) undertake this sadhana.

With love and blessings in Gurudeva
Swami Veda Bharati

December 2012 Newsletter by Dan Prideaux

The universe is a dance of energies that vibrate at many frequencies. They ebb and flow, merge and part, form ripples, tides, currents, eddies, and whirlpools. They become units of all sizes, from atoms to stars, from individual souls to cosmic beings, and again they dissolve into each other. As rays, streaks, streams, rivers, oceans of light, they flow into each other and separate again, changing frequencies--and in chang-ing frequencies, they become suns, galaxies, spaces, airs, winds, fires, liquids, solids. They become the bodies of human beings into which the energy called consciousness comes and is embodied.

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Table of Contents

  • Energy of Consciousness in the Human Personality
  • Christmas Blessing from Swami Veda
  • Astavakra Gita, Part IV by Swami Nitya
  • Ammaji's Corner
  • KHEL News
  • Back Cover of "Eyeful of Sky"

Christmas Greeting 2012

On a silent night did Krishna incarnate in a prison to liberate the world.
On a silent night did Jesus take birth to give salvation to his world-wandering herd.
On a silent night did Buddha sally forth in secret to find enlightenment.
Of the silent dark night does St. John of the Cross sing; when his love yearned and his house was at rest.
On that happy night, all his senses stilled, did he exit by the secret ladder---says he.
Such a night is the sister of Dawn. Such a night is the night of light wherein all that were restless come to settle down-- says the Veda.
On such a night does the priest remain awake -- says Ahur Mazda to Zarathushtra.

Such a night is the luminous dawn of enlightenment for the yogi.
May you, senses stilled, experience the Divine Birth within on such silent night of interior stillness and find the secret ladder whereby to ascend to the throne of Light.
Celebrate with serene joy the Silent Night, the seven-chakra-candle Hanukkah, a change of season, sun's turning, you prospering with a spiritual fortune.
Enjoy your awakening into stillness and let that be the celebration of joy.

From the peanut gallery

From the peanut galleryI have three daughters, one of whom has two daughters - a 21 yr old and a 17yr old. They live in Minneapolis. My son who lives with his family - a wife and two young daughters (a 6yr old and 3yr old) are residents of Princeton in New Jersey. I have a permanent home in Dehradun, India. I enjoy living there, but i do try to spend as much with my overseas families. I had promised my kids that when they had kids i would try to spend at least the first five years of their lives with them, giving them the nurturing that only a grandparent can give during these formative years of growth and foundation of personality development according to vedic and yogic philosophies. This is so important since even though their grandfather is alive he belongs to the world as a swami and does not have time to spend with them, so i am on double shift. But i have been enjoying doing that.

While we adults think that we are imparting to them what we consider necessary, we are also benefitting from their company. For me, they keep both my body and mind stimulated, which is necessary as we mature. There are times when their thoughts, words and actions stun us into wonder. We become absorbed in their sensitivities, understanding and compassion for the world around them. It is always my hope that these do not become adulterated with the passage of years as they become more and more exposed to input that might be preventative in developing a balanced view of the world. We should always attempt to stimulate their creative thinking. For example, the 6yr old while very quietly sitting in the car on the way to school was questioned by her dad, what are you thinking? her answer was: i am organizing my thinking.

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