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The Essence of Spiritual Life

Excerpted from The Essence of Spiritual Life by Swami Rama

The most ancient traveler in the universe is love. It is love that travels from the unknown to the known, from eternity to eternity.

Those who want to realize the greatest delight should realize themselves in others. This is the definition of true love.

The spirit of love is boundless and emancipates our being from illusory bonds and superimpositions. It is unity that will lead us to Truth. That which is the beginning and the end of the phenomenal world is divine.

Loving somebody does not mean hating others. Remember this. If you love somebody, that means loving all. Your love should travel toward expansion, not toward contraction.

Learn to love others and demonstrate your love through selfless action. This is very important. Try not to hurt others through speech. Dark words have no capacity to contain real feeling and love, for they are not containers. Love is immortal and needs an immortal container. People say that it is expressed through the heart; therefore, the heart is the center of love. I deny that. The soul, actually, is the real container of love, for the soul alone is the most ancient traveler, and so is love. They are one and the same.

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Spiritual Advice

An initiate asked this question:

I've been wanting to ask you something for a while now. Everywhere around us we see people doing wrong, crimes have increased tenfold, people have no morals, they are doing anything without thinking. Simple things that are righteous also, people can't understand anymore. So many atrocities on women, children and animals are increasing.

What can we do to heal the world? Can we help others through our meditation? Baba used to say we should keep praying for the world, for world peace. Since childhood I've been saying one line every night till date before sleeping, "please give world peace and a good day to all tomorrow." Should I keep praying for that? I really want to do so much but don't know how to. Please guide me.

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Silence between breaths

Silence is such a profound and deep experience of human existence that only when we have understood silence would we understand all the inspiration that has ever flowed to humanity from the minds and mouths of its great saints and sages. To understand silence as an act, as a habit of mind, is to know a person's disposition and most natural urge. We can look to the monks or "silent ones" of our society for example; however, even a householder with an active life can learn the art of "speaking" while in silence. Such a paradox has a very clear lesson.

Silence is creative; silence is dynamic; silence speaks when all words fail. So celebrate an hour, a half day, a day of silence. Start slowly with full permission of all those involved. Then begin with the attitude of celebrating. When you come upon noisy persons, sprinkle a cloud full of silence on them. We have only to look at the examples of saints and sages that understood the secrets of silence. They did not respond to conflict with conflict. When they spoke, their speech was measured, beneficial, and pleasant. Only then did they reach into their vessel of stillness and became silent.

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Emotions - My Experiments with Anger

One of our deadliest enemies is anger. As an enemy, it begets us enemies. Every spiritual guide and philosopher of the East and the West, from Chang-An to Athens, has admonished us to control and guide our anger. Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher-emperor of Rome wrote in his essays: "Democritus laughed and Heraclitus wept, but no philosopher was ever angry with the world."

The spiritual traditions of India are firmly based on a detailed understanding of the mind, its states, impulses, operations, functions and reactions to stimuli. Half of Indian religion (Vedic-Hindu-Buddhist-Jaina-Sikh-Mazdayasnian, et al) consists of pure psychological principles for guiding relationships. One of these guidelines is repeatedly stated:

akodhena jine kodham (Pali),
akrodhena jayet krodham (Sanskrit)

One should seek to conquer anger with non-anger.

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New Year Message

Each second a new year begins. May all the 31536000 years from 31 December 2012 to 31 December 2013 be cause for celebrations and serve for you as gateways to the Non-temporal.