Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Master The Fundamentals

The basic brickwork.  Correct sitting . . . stillness and balance and relaxation.  Relaxed stillness, not tense.  Without that stillness, the yoga movement has no meaning.  It's just another discharge of kinetic energy.  The basics: correct sitting, correct breathing. Correct breathing, correct breathing!  Relaxation of all muscles and nerves and mind. Emotional purification.  That is, calming down, not going to extremes of depression and exhilaration, and depression and exhilaration.  Breath awareness. Unbroken breath awareness.

How to know when making spiritual progress?

So then, how will I know if I am making spiritual progress or not?  Is my body more balanced?  When I sit still, am I stiff. Is sitting still an effort, or has that become my natural state in which uncontrolled movement becomes a pain?  The body of a person who is at advancing spiritually undergoes a change.  His posture is different.  When he is standing straight, he is not stiff, but he is standing straight and is relaxed, and is not strained.  When I want to see whether a person is emotionally balanced or not, I see "How much does he move?"  Swaying, swaying, swaying.  This kind of movement goes along with emotional disturbances.  Effortless, relaxed stillness.  Effortless, relaxed stillness of the body.   A balanced body.   Where you are leaning to the right, and not leaning to the left.  Your movement is a volitional movement, not an involuntary movement.  When you're talking, if you feel that gesticulating with the hands will add to the emphasis, then you would gesticulate and move your hands, for a planned effect, and not just a wild dance of the horses of unconscious emotions, to move with a balance in that movement.  There's a grace in that movement. Don't try to add an affectation, trying to move like a dancer when you are not a dancer, so that people may believe that you are making great spiritual progress.