Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Never Uttering A Useless Word

One thing more: the person who is making spiritual progress never utters a word uselessly. Never utters a sentence without weighing it and balancing it for its maximum benefit to others - only for its maximum benefit to others.

Sharpening Your Sight

You master the states of wakefulness, dream and sleep. In wakefulness you increase or decrease the volume and the area of your awareness, according to your free will, that you become aware of things happening around you. Your observation becomes keen. Let me give you this one secret: The more you withdraw your mind from your senses, the more your senses become acute - not become dumb, because they become infused by that energy which, because of your stillness, you are no longer wasting in random movements, random indulgences, random experimentations. The more you withdraw your mind from your eyes, the more your eyes become keen and acute.  And now, just as you learned to withdraw, so also you have learned to infuse that extra-conscious energy into the eyes, when with your volition you choose to look.  You notice more things that others do not notice.  A good administrator can use that power, that phenomenon, or whoever.

Conquest of Sleep

The conquest of the sleep state is measured in two or three different ways.  Can you go into sleep when you wish?  Can you come out of sleep when you wish?  Are you aware?  Is your higher mind aware and a witness to the fact that you are sleeping?  That's a very high state!  The yogis sleep that way.

Not everything internal is spiritual

As one grows spiritually, a number of things happen; certain characteristics emerge.   Not that you can tell of distant past, distant present, distant future.  Not that you can have out of body experiences.  In a large number of cases, there are no out-of-body experiences.  No soul leaves the body to go out traveling in some celestial world.  Some things happen in the subtle body - the subtle body, which is made up subtler forms of matter.  Just as the sensation of an itch on the surface of the skin is not a spiritual experience, nor a sensation of a tickling, pleasant as it might be, is not a spiritual experience; so also, a little itch and a little tickling in the subtle body, on the subtler matter (sukshma mahabhuta), the subtle element related to this, - a little itch, a little tickling there - is not a spiritual experience. It is a subtler experience, but not a spiritual experience.  Not everything that is experienced in the internal personality is of the eternal.

Rising Up

Swami Rama, when he was going to leave the country in 1981 said, he was leaving his body in '81, and he said, "I've been stuck in this country washing everybody's diapers." Repeatedly, repeatedly, in every public statement for that year he said, "All I've done since I have come into this country is wash people's diapers." Meaning that people are so stuck in the lower chakras, that it's such a hard work to raise them from that. All human emotion is stuck there. And we talk of rising up, but it's difficult.