Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition


A human being has such a potential that he can just about accomplish whatever he sets out to accomplish.  There is nothing on this earth that can be denied to you.  I want you to believe this.  There is nothing on this earth that can be denied to you. You can have it if you know the right mental way to go about accomplishing it.  But, you see, there are a few subtle tricks.  You have to judge your capacity to concentrate.  There is nothing in the world that can be denied to you once you have learned to gauge your capacity to concentrate.  And the greatest obstacle in the way of your concentration is the habit of dwelling on your problems. People say, "How am I going solve my problems if I don't think about them?" Constructive thinking is one thing: sitting down, looking at the problem, analyzing it, examining the possibilities, with a clear and neutral mind, a mind without an emotional load concerning the problem.  Because it is that emotional load which creates the block.


The unfortunate thing about the emotional content of our mind is that we are most often not aware of it. People who deny a certain emotional state are not dishonest, nor are they liars. People who deny being angry, people who deny being ill, people who deny being depressed, people who deny being in a mental state called selfishness, they are not liars, they are not deceivers; they simply are not aware. They simply are not aware that they have this mental content. And awareness is our first step.  We are not aware that the presence of these mental situations is affecting indirectly our other situations and is reducing our effectiveness in life.

Guage for Progress in Meditation

When you sit down in meditation, how long does it take you to achieve that state of stillness?  As you make progress in meditation, it takes you less and less time to enter that state of non-experience.  As you make spiritual progress, after the meditation session, how long does this unconfused state of the mind last, and permeate your daily activity?  How long does that smoothness of the mind remain?  That is to say, some of the physical signs of spiritual progress that we have delineated are more manifest when you are just coming out of meditation.  How long do they remain with you?  How long does your voice remain deep, and your words, your sounds being uttered from the navel and the heart and the vishuddha and the ajna chakras, and not from your larynx?  How long does the stillness of your senses last?  How long does the steadiness of your body remain?  By these, you know whether you are making progress in meditation.

Become Self-centered

Such a person, a person who is making spiritual progress, does not use his communication, his emotion, his thought for fulfilling one's desires selfishly. He may use his power of control over others for their benefit, and not for his own benefit.  A teacher who begins to use his power over his students for his own benefit, so that they would adore him, adore her, admire, do this, do that, is no teacher at all.  As one grows spiritually, without others knowing why or how, he becomes more charming.  And, he does not use that charm for personal gain.  So that the life, day and night, through wakefulness, through dream, through sleep, through meditation, his life becomes "other-centered" because it has become truly "Self-centered.


So, a spiritual person becomes an effective person. A person who is not an effective person is a person who has not made spiritual progress.   [A person who is making spiritual progress] is effective in relationships, effective in life, effective intellectually, effective in management, effective in accomplishing whatever one wills to accomplish.   Not wishes to accomplish. Most people live by wishes.  A person who is making spiritual progress wills it! And, he knows his will.  And the whole world may oppose him.  He knows his will, and he knows this is the way it's going to be accomplished.  He just goes on, and forgets everybody.  But, he knows his goal.  A person of a spiritual path who is making progress knows his goal at all times.  Even when he digresses, he knows his goal and knows that "I am right now momentarily digressing, and I shall digress only so much but not more.