Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Overcome Fear

Wherever you have a concept of the "other," whom you fear, whom you resent, whom you resist, at whom you become angry when your path is crossed, with whom you become jealous when you want the same thing and he wants the same thing. That "other," be it a person within the family, be it a neighbor, be it a family to another family, or a person of a racial group, or a religious group, or a language group, or a country or a nation. Wherever you have this concept of the "other," you will have fear. And all fear is fear of death. And fear of death causes death. Remember this last part, last sentence. It's fear of death that hastens your death.

Self-centered vs. Ego Centered Meditation

What is the difference between self-centered meditation and non-self-centered meditation?

Think about it. 

"Am I progressing?  Am I progressing?  Am I progressing?" That is not the question that a sattvic meditator asks.


"Did my state of meditation induce peacefulness in others?  Did I generate joy in others? Did my state of silence calm a vociferously articulate person to speak less? Did my posture encourage someone to become still?"

Calm Your Emotions

Calm your emotions. Calm your emotions. Calm your emotions. Cultivate a personality that doesn't swing between the extremes of depression and exhilaration.