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Swami Veda Recommends Two Books

Swami Veda recommends two books, Sutras of the Inner Teacher and Chariot of Sadhana, for deepening one’s understanding of Yoga and writes further


“Dear leading teachers,


I would really like to have these 2 books by Drs. Martin and Marian Jerry included in essential studies of advanced TTP and SRSG students.



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Dancing dervish – Water & pencil by Lalita AryaWhen I was a teenager I would sometimes ask my Mom whether I could go visit my best friend, who lived not too far away. Since I would always return in a very happy mood, my mother did not hesitate to say yes, but always murmured to herself in Hindi  Maula ki daur masjid tak a priest s run is just up to his temple). But my friend and I spent such happy times together talking giggling laughing as teenagers do over nothing at all I did not mind visiting her over and over again. She was my BFF, best friend forever) well, not quite forever.

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October 2011 KHEL News

October 2nd is Mahatma Gandhi's birthday and a very important day of celebration in India. Gandhiji is known as the Father of the Nation and his propagation of non-violence helped India achieve independence in 1947. This is usually a national holiday, but Oct 2nd fell on a Sunday, so observances were held on Monday. KHEL kids were reminded of this special day by their teachers.

The Festival of Navratri was also observed. Children who celebrate this occasion were allowed a holiday. This is the nine days of worship and honor of the Feminine principle and the glory and power of Motherhood.

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