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Wisdom of ten years old

Eeshan, 10, in London, is of 4th generation in my worldwide spiritual family. He is my mantra-initiate and meditates daily. Daily he goes to the Swami’s picture to do pranam before he leaves for school.

Recently he came to see me with his parents.

He expressed himself thus:

I have three wishes to fulfil in this life:

  • Third wish is to go and see the ice caves in Antarctica
  • Second wish is to visit outer space.
  • First wish is to become enlightened.

I told him in that context that when the Buddhists in Korea part from each other, their parting greeting is, “may you be enlightened”.

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New children's room at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama

On Tuesday October 18, 2011, children and families of Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) held the official opening of their new children's yoga classroom located in a Gurukulam Dormitory of the SRSG campus. This is the first of three rooms which will be devoted to children's yoga programming leading up to the International Yoga Youth and Children's Retreat (YYCR) December 22-31, 2011, and followed by an Indian International Yoga Youth and Children's Retreat scheduled for November 2012.

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Divali 2011 at SRSG

What a beautiful shining night here! After a Shakti-filled puja with all of us drenched in the Divine, Jagat [Jagadananda Das] explained the significance of Divali, the night of a million lights, where candles light the landscape as far as the eye can see from the earth to the rooftops. It is a celebration of light over darkness on the personal level as well as the cosmic and the historic, where dharma, the essential nature of all beings and all forms, firmly takes root. Divali also celebrates the return of Rama from the epic battlefield of The Ramayana. He, as man and God, has vanquished the demon Ravana and freed his consort Sita to finally bring her home. As they enter the city, it is as though the light of all worlds has inextricably seized this moment, permeating all living beings with that Light. All is well. Divali celebrates this precise moment in us all at every level.

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