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Finding Meaning in Life DVD by Swami Rama

Finding Meaning in Life DVD


Many people searching for a purpose in life strive for the abstract goals of knowing God or attaining enlightenment. Swami Rama explains that one of the goals of life is to know yourself on all levels. He presents simple techniques you can use to gain awareness of your body and mind and cultivate increased clarity and determination. Learn about the mystery of life and the importance of finding happiness within.

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Lectures on the Yoga Sutras: Karma Yoga

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In this lecture Swami Rama continues his discussion of Kriya Yoga and the Kleshas. He then proceeds to discuss Karma and explains how to enjoy life and find liberation by performing (karma) action skillfully. He explains that renouncing action is not the path to freedom but rather by surrendering the fruits of action to the Divine.

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Prana-Vidya I Workshop

Himalayan Yoga Tradition (HYT) Prana-Vidya I Workshop

October 25-29, 2017

path in meditation gardenAt The Rancho Meditation Sanctuary (TRMS), Encino, California, USA, with Chuck Linke, Peter Fabian, and Randall Krause (Mokshadeva).

This workshop is recommended for those wishing to enhance their yoga teaching skills. It provides Yoga Alliance continuing education units (CEUs) and Contact Hour credits for the 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Registered HYT Teacher Training Programs (TTP.) We encourage those currently enrolled in HYT-TTP and those wishing to become HYT-TTP Mentors to attend.

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Exercises for Joints and Glands by Swami Rama

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Exercises for Joints and Glands: Gentle Movements to Enhance Your Wellbeing is a set of simple, pleasant stretching exercises that can be enjoyed by everyone. They increase circulation to all parts of the body and help improve overall flexibility. Restore a natural vitality to the body and mind by releasing accumulated tensions in the joints and glands. People with arthritis and rheumatism have found this book to be very beneficial. These exercises also gently prepare and train your body for the practices of hatha yoga.

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