Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Readings and resources of the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Tradition.

Yoga for Health and Serenity

I began practicing hatha yoga in 1965.  The reason was merely physical. I had a severe back problem with constant pain in varying degrees and nobody seemed to be able to help.  There are doctors in my family and one suggested I try yoga.  I had bought a yoga book titled "Yoga and Women" and played with the postures and had fun doing them, but of course didn't know how to breath, much less concentrate on anything while doing them.  So, I began looking  everywhere and anywhere for classes, and found a recently formed class at the YMCA.  I signed up, took only one class and was absolutely hooked.  I had never really ever felt such relaxation before; never.

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The Inner Television

 What to do with the chattering mind?  This is a perennial question in yoga. In this article, Randall Krause tells of his experience with his chatter while on a long silence retreat in India.

I heard a story about a great yogi of vast accomplishment and deepest inner silence, who always kept his television on in his room with the volume at full blast.  One of his disciples found that the noise made it hard to hear the Master's voice.  So, one day when the Master was teaching, the disciple gently asked the Master’s secretary to turn the T.V. volume down.  In response, the Master, ferociously glaring at the disciple, said “Are your powers of concentration so weak?”

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