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Readings and resources of the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Tradition.

How to Prevent Future September 11th

It was a bright, sunny, but a solemn day on September 11th of this year in Chicago. Communities across the United States were commemorating the anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks of one year ago, in their own unique ways. Swami Veda Bharati’s talk in Chicago this year held a special meaning to those who attended. Both the students of Himalayan Tradition as well as others came that evening to hear Swami Veda Bharati’s message and his guidance. People came to receive not only Swamiji’s wisdom and guidance for personal growth, but they also came with questions about the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Questions such as “What can we learn from nine-eleven?”, “What can we do to avoid such a tragedy in future?”, and “What must we do to promote world peace?”

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The Vasu-deva Principle

I would like to extend again the invitation to continue living in the Vasu-deva principle, the principle of the In-Dweller, the single In-Dwelling Deity, the In-Dwelling Force. How do we go about doing this? All these years we have prepared for this step. And what is that step? The very, very first step in yoga. This year we shall introduce yoga into our lives, the first step in yoga, consciously.

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Training the Mind

We must try to understand this problem. It's the habits we have formed with our mind. If those are the thoughts that you think all the time, what is the poor mind going to do? From your very childhood you have said to your mind, "Okay mind. You are free; think what you want to think.

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