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What is Opposite Sex - 3

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As we progress spiritually, there comes a time in our development, where the male and the female, which at the moment, appear separate – female separate from me, and if you are female, male separate from you – where this separation, opposition, or perhaps an apposition, ceases. And the science of uniting the male and the female is twofold. People think of the yogis as great disciplinarians and joy-killers. But the same yogis of ancient India, who wrote the Yoga Sutras of you are. It was the same yogis who wrote the Kama Sutras, because to understand sexuality and sexual nature, you have to understand the entire human nature. It is not that an understanding of sexuality will help you to understand the entire human nature, but rather understanding the entire human nature will help you understand the nature of sexuality; and it cannot be seen in isolation; it cannot be seen in separation.

The same yogis who wrote the Kama Sutras, also wrote the texts – and now the heartbeat gets a little faster as I say the name of those texts – called the Tantras. People have read about Tantras, and if I were to announce a course on Tantra, I'll have to refuse admission. But those who would come here listening to me about Tantra would go away very disappointed because Tantra is the science of celibacy. Tantra is the science of celibacy. Celibacy means the internal union of the male and the female. When you seek no other, no external, because the otherness ceases to be, you fear no other also, because the otherness ceases to be. In every individual, there is a male and there is a female. We have not balanced the two in ourselves. Therefore, one becomes the primary nature in ourselves, and the other becomes the secondary in ourselves. But a perfected being is one in whom the male and the female have become absolutely and totally balanced.

In the traditions of India, there is a figure called Shiva. One of the aspects of Shiva is Ardhanarishvara, which means half-male, half-female, and is depicted as half-male, and half-female. But it is not the same as hermaphrodite because when we speak of this internal union, we are not speaking of a physical appearance. Within ourselves, there is a force; that force is called the kundalini. Now those who have heard about it here and elsewhere understand what I'm talking about. In fact, it is inappropriate to say that there is a force within us called the kundalini because everything that is of the essence of life, anything that is of the essence of the life force, anything that is of the essence of the consciousness force flowing as a single current within us, that very life force, that very force called the consciousness is the kundalini.

At present, lying coiled up, its power is hidden because we have divided ourselves into an external self of the body and an internal self of the spirit. And having divided ourselves up in this way, we tend then to identify ourselves more with the external self, the flesh, dis-identifying with the internal self, the spirit, and then starting our spiritual search, like the proverbial woman who went around all over looking for her little lost child, her little lost baby: "Have you seen my baby? Have you seen my baby?" "Which one?" "My smallest one. Somewhere? Here? Somewhere? There?" "Well, no." And someone comes around: "Isn't this the smallest one you're holding in your arm?" "Oh, oh yes," she said.