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What is Opposite Sex

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In this essay, Swami Veda Bharati discusses "sexes" in the Yoga Tradition.



Then they, the Shining Ones, fell before Him who is the Sustainer of all, the Lord of Speech with faces in all directions, and stood addressing Him with meaningful words: 'Salutations to You of Three Forms, the Absolute One Form before creation Who then became divided, apportioning the three gunas, the attributes of matter. As You sowed the unfailing seed in the Waters, and from that arose the moving and unmoving things of the world, you are glorified as its source, Oh Unborn One. Though one, you emanate your power through three conditions, having become the cause of dissolution, continuity, and creation. Man and woman are your two halves as you split Your Form with intent to create. Man and woman are your two halves as You split your Form with intent to create. They are then the birth-givers of the creation and are called its parents.'"

Let's stop here, not read the rest, because this is the passage I want to draw your attention to. Then I come to the Indian story of Genesis, not the Christian Bible. This story I have quoted from the ancient Law Book of Manu, from which the English word "man" is derived, in my new book, Mantra and Meditation, and I also read my translation of those passages. It's all mythology, of course. Do you know what's the difference between Genesis and mythology? What I believe in is Genesis; what you believe in is mythology. But if you were sitting here, then what you believe in is Genesis, and if I were sitting there, what I believe in is mythology.

So I will read from the Lawbook of Manu: "It was all turned dark, not recognizable, without marks, unanalyzable, unknowable, as though asleep all over." Compare the Christian Bible Genesis: "And the earth was without form, and darkness was upon the face of the deep."

Manu: "Then the Self-existent Being, the Lord, unmanifest, manifesting all these elements, and so forth, with His power activated, appeared, the Dispeller of Darkness, He who is beyond the grasp of the senses, subtle, unmanifest, eternal, Who is one with all beings, beyond thought, the very One Himself, shone forth. Intent on creating the various progenies from His own body, having meditated, He first created the very Cosmic Waters, and released His seed upon them. That became a Golden Egg with the splendor of a thousand suns. In that was born Brahma himself, the creator, grandfather of all the worlds.