Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Remembering Swami Rama

Michael Smith remembers Swami Rama fondly for his hospitable ways . . .

I went to a talk of Swami Rama's once in Glenview and when I arrived Swami Ajaya was talking about a dream he just had. In his dream Swami Rama was talking to him, and kept repeating over and over and over again the word "HOSPITALITY," "HOSPITALITY," "HOSPITALITY,""HOSPITALITY," "HOSPITALITY," "HOSPITALITY,""HOSPITALITY,"

When I first came to Glenview to see Swami Rama, I had driven all night and had not slept for over 24 hours. I was walking in as he was leaving. Swami Rama immediately
stopped and talked with me, and then told the people there to give me a room. Later he took my hand and walked me into the kitchen and personally gave me some food.
He actually put it in my mouth like a Mother.

Everytime I was with him he was like that, except once - That was when I was proud of having completed the editing of Behram Guard's book. Then he was very short with me
and wouldn't give me the time of day.