Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Guage for Progress in Meditation

When you sit down in meditation, how long does it take you to achieve that state of stillness?  As you make progress in meditation, it takes you less and less time to enter that state of non-experience.  As you make spiritual progress, after the meditation session, how long does this unconfused state of the mind last, and permeate your daily activity?  How long does that smoothness of the mind remain?  That is to say, some of the physical signs of spiritual progress that we have delineated are more manifest when you are just coming out of meditation.  How long do they remain with you?  How long does your voice remain deep, and your words, your sounds being uttered from the navel and the heart and the vishuddha and the ajna chakras, and not from your larynx?  How long does the stillness of your senses last?  How long does the steadiness of your body remain?  By these, you know whether you are making progress in meditation.