Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition


So, a spiritual person becomes an effective person. A person who is not an effective person is a person who has not made spiritual progress.   [A person who is making spiritual progress] is effective in relationships, effective in life, effective intellectually, effective in management, effective in accomplishing whatever one wills to accomplish.   Not wishes to accomplish. Most people live by wishes.  A person who is making spiritual progress wills it! And, he knows his will.  And the whole world may oppose him.  He knows his will, and he knows this is the way it's going to be accomplished.  He just goes on, and forgets everybody.  But, he knows his goal.  A person of a spiritual path who is making progress knows his goal at all times.  Even when he digresses, he knows his goal and knows that "I am right now momentarily digressing, and I shall digress only so much but not more.