Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Sharpening Your Sight

You master the states of wakefulness, dream and sleep. In wakefulness you increase or decrease the volume and the area of your awareness, according to your free will, that you become aware of things happening around you. Your observation becomes keen. Let me give you this one secret: The more you withdraw your mind from your senses, the more your senses become acute - not become dumb, because they become infused by that energy which, because of your stillness, you are no longer wasting in random movements, random indulgences, random experimentations. The more you withdraw your mind from your eyes, the more your eyes become keen and acute.  And now, just as you learned to withdraw, so also you have learned to infuse that extra-conscious energy into the eyes, when with your volition you choose to look.  You notice more things that others do not notice.  A good administrator can use that power, that phenomenon, or whoever.