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40-Day Spiritual Festival 2018

Swami Veda Bharati, while still Pandit Usharbudh Arya, initiated the 40-Day Spiritual Festival and the tradition continues through the present. During the 40 days that precede Guru Purnima, sadhakas are invited to participate, to expand and refine one’s sadhana. In 2018, the 40-Day Festival will begin on June 18th and will end on July 27th, which is Guru Purnima. A sadhaka participates wherever he/she is. During these 40 days, yoga students can choose to intensify their yoga practice and/or make beneficial changes in their lifestyles, in a variety of ways. Each year a list of possibilities (with many ways that remained the same each year) was provided by Swamiji for us. To read more:

40 day spiritual festival 2018