Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Not everything internal is spiritual

As one grows spiritually, a number of things happen; certain characteristics emerge.   Not that you can tell of distant past, distant present, distant future.  Not that you can have out of body experiences.  In a large number of cases, there are no out-of-body experiences.  No soul leaves the body to go out traveling in some celestial world.  Some things happen in the subtle body - the subtle body, which is made up subtler forms of matter.  Just as the sensation of an itch on the surface of the skin is not a spiritual experience, nor a sensation of a tickling, pleasant as it might be, is not a spiritual experience; so also, a little itch and a little tickling in the subtle body, on the subtler matter (sukshma mahabhuta), the subtle element related to this, - a little itch, a little tickling there - is not a spiritual experience. It is a subtler experience, but not a spiritual experience.  Not everything that is experienced in the internal personality is of the eternal.