AHYMSIN Newsletter October 2017

Table of Contents

  1. Silent Prayer of the Heart by Swami Veda Bharati
  2. Happiness in Marriage by Swami Rama
  3. Is an Ashram for Me? by Swami Ritavan Bharati
  4. 2018 Yoga Nidra Retreat
  5. Strength and Power of the Sangha by Ilaria Sarri
  6. Ashram for a Weekend by Riemke de Groot
  7. Talk with Nina Johnson
  8. New Book Available by Swami Rama Centre
  9. Dear Yoga Mentor, My Question Is…
  10. November Christian Meditation Retreat
  11. Clearing the Path available in India
  12. A Sleep Science Conference by Stephen Parker (Stoma)
  13. 2017 Events and Beyond
  14. Full Moon Meditation Dates
  15. Location of our SRSG ashram