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Atma Tattva Avalokanam for Initiates and Tea & Talk

Swami Radha BharatiSwami Ma Radha Bharati will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, on July 15 and 16, 2017.

On Saturday, July 15, there will be Atma Tattva Avalokanam for Initiates, and on Sunday, July 16, Tea & Talk.

Atma tattva avalokanam is the understanding that our true nature is Spirit, and not our thoughts and false identities. This concept is one of the guiding principles of our sadhana: “Continual awareness that Atma is our essential nature – observation of, and being in the presence of Atman, the spiritual Self.”

Swami Radha will speak about this topic and guide initiates through practices to lead us to this state.

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