Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

A Holiday Blessing

I am happy to be able to share Swami Ritavan's holiday blessing with you.

Swami Ritavan 2016 holiday blessing image

May you light the eternal flame of soul-everlasting;

May your crown illumine the heavens,

and your mind-star flash with revelation.

May your heart-cave shine with contentment,

and your red-flame of prana promote health and vitality.

May each blue-star sparkle as an entry point - a bindu to divinity.

May the lights of lives past be present, to reveal the secret of love.

Light and Love as your Destiny now and in your meditations of the coming year.



Swami Ritavan


In addition to the holiday blessing for 2016, Swami Ritavan also wanted to share the following message sent by Swami Veda in December 2009.

Swami Veda holiday messageDec09