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A December Greeting

The following message which was written by Swami Veda Bharati in December 2008. May its message inspire you in this December. The original handwritten message is below. 

In the Tantra tradition, Time is a diety. There are temples to Mahākāla (the Great Time) in places as diverse as Ujjayini (the ancient Indian astronomers’ Greenwich) and Mongolia.

In this tradition, dates are mother goddesses (as they are gods and goddesses in the ancient Maya civilization of Yucatan and Guatemala).

May the Time-God smile on you as Janus scans the worlds with his two faces. May the Time-God’s smiles be scattered on your paths like so many snow-white blossoms of prosperity, family happiness, and – above all – each day, the realization of a new truth, discovery of a new layer of reality.

Time-God has always been smiling at me in the form of your love and kindly dispositions and I rejoice. May all 365 mother-goddesses make you rejoice as you journey through their realms.

Have the Great Time as your friend.

With all affection,

Swami Veda Bharati


 Swami Veda Dec Greeting