Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Progress in Stillness

And, the movement of the eyes.  I was recently in Africa, for a conference on bringing together the Indian and African spirituality.  Because Africa is a poor continent, so, nobody even thinks of studying the spiritual traditions of Africa. I was in a town called Ouida(?), which has been the center of a very strong spiritual tradition.  And I interviewed the priest, and the head priest, and I was taken to see a Kumari Devi, as we would call in the Indian language, a virgin, a divine being.  A fourteen-year-old was sitting there - normal, very ordinary.  Those who were with me, they were wondering what was special. I said, "Look, look at two things.  When she sits, no matter in what position she sits in, there is a stillness to her.  And one thing you have all not noticed: When she blinks her eyes, it is not more than once every 30-35 seconds.  I checked on my watch.  And the steadiness of your eyes shows whether you are gaining intensity of stillness, not your ability to gaze at a flame for a half an hour.