Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Source of Emotions

How the emotions arise. What are the subtleties of emotions. Now one thing people forget is the divine source of emotions. That is where a lecture like The Theatre in God comes in. The source of all knowledge is Divinity. And the source of all sentiment is also Divinity; the rasa principle. And not enough is being said about that. People are all working on emotion, emotion, emotion, you know, because they are looking at it only as a human problem. Okay, it's no problem. It's a manifestation, see, from the unmanifest rasa, the essence, the flavor of Divinity, which is ananda. All emotion is a reduction in the quantum of ananda. All negative emotion is a warping and a knotting in the reduced quanta of ananda. That is the definition. And bhakti is reversing the process to the Supreme Emotion. Reversing those quanta back to their Supreme Source. Reversing the reduced quanta of ananda back to the Supreme Ananda is bhakti, devotion.