Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Self Awareness

Frittering with the hands is a waste of energy. Fiddling with the toes is a waste of energy. Use the relaxation exercise . . . to conserve your energy. Use that exercise. And as you conserve your energies you will be able to center them in the right direction. When you speak of your powers to someone else, ordinarily until it is mature, ripe and properly controlled, a word spoken is power lost. Gather your power, strengthen it slowly, practice it silently, consult your teacher. Fine. But don't get a hang up about it, don't speak about it, and don't advertise it. Those who go around advertising their powers and occult faculties and this and that, I'm afraid when I hear those coming to town to lecture, I don't go.
You see you have the conscious mind, you have these chambers. You have the Atman. You have the supreme surrounding it all. From all these sources, things come to the conscious mind and you have to learn after careful practice from which one of these sources it's coming to the conscious mind.