Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Increasing Pleasure

As I said, the less the frequency, the greater the intensity of the pleasure. So when you restrain yourself from frequency, it does not mean that you are depriving yourself from the pleasure. It actually means that you are intensifying your pleasure because you will have it with greater concentration. In the meantime the principle of the conservation of energy will enhance your life force. So the principle of restraint in matters of pleasure.

Understanding the force of desires. From where do they arise? Long ago sometimes in the seventies I gave a series of lectures at our Meditation Center in Minneapolis on the origin of desires. Someone can dig that out and study it. Desires arising at this time may be nothing but memories of pleasures we have had in the past lives. Memories means samskaras, means imprints. That is not a genuine desire, but the imprint generates a fresh desire. If you observe the desire as you observe any other emotions and you understand its origin, then the force of that desire will be reduced. So is this a fresh desire or is it something that is coming from the past samskaras and it's just letting you know that you have already had this pleasure and what you have already had you don't need again?