Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

At The Feet of A Himalayan Master, Remembering Swami Rama, Vol. 5

Remembering Swami Rama Vol. 5Swami Rama was a citizen of the world. He was a master of meditation who lectured, wrote books, established numerous teaching centers, and founded a hospital and medical school in the Himalayan foothills. With his unique abilities, he helped change the way science viewed the mind-body relationship, opening the door to the more holistic approach of modern medicine. This book, the fifth in a continuing series, contains the firsthand recollections of six people who, like me, came to Swami Rama as students and disciples, and whose lives were transformed. In these short narratives my fellow seekers write eloquently about their personal relationships and experiences with Swami Rama, generously sharing stories about their lives and aspirations, their struggles and inspirations. Through these memoirs we learn not only how Swami Rama individually guided these students but also how we all can live better lives. We learn that yoga meditation is not just a physical practice or an abstract philosophical tradition but a living, breathing, practical path that influences everything we do.

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