Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

What is Spiritual Progress?

The subtle body is made up of subtler forms of matter, not spirit. "Oh, I can sense things that are happening at a distant place, so I must be making great spiritual progress." Being able to hear what someone is saying about you two thousand miles away or being able to see has nothing to do with spiritual progress. These are events that take you through the universal unconscious mind, not the superconscious mind. They feed your ego, and by feeding your ego, they block your progress. Rise above all of the phenomena. There are siddhis, accomplishments, as compared to your normal daily life, but, in samadhi, they are parasites, all of these phenomena. "Swamiji, I had such-and-such dream. What is the meaning of that dream?" I am not going to play Sigmund Freud. Rising above wakefulness, dreaming, and sleep state, your spiritual progress begins - spiritual, not subtle-body progress, not mind's progress - spiritual progress - progress of Atman in Atman, progress of Spiritual Self in Spiritual Self.