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AHYMSIN Newsletter, January 2014

The AHYMSIN Newsletter, January 2014:

1. Kalyana Mitra Lecture #1 by Swami Veda Bharati
2. Svadhyaya by Swami Rama
3. Cultural Activities by SRSG Children by Chandramani
4. Yoga and Science Retreat by Rajah Indran
5. TTP Students' Sangha by Beatrix Dekkers and Jim Fraser
6. The Hazel Diaries V by Roxanne Currie
7. A Labour of Love by Michael Smith
8. Musing by Jyoti Gerlitz
9. The Gifts of Silence by Aditi M Gaur
10. Gayatri Marx, a Dear Friend Moves On by Randall Krause
11. Go-Shala at SRSG Campus by Swami Veda 

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