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Swamiji's Medical Situation

30th December 2013

As many of you have known for some time, Swami Veda Bharati has some physical health issues, and many of you have expressed your concern and your love during the years regarding this. We know that many of you have given prayers. Below you will find an update shared with us on 30th December 2013 by John Sellinger, who has been serving as an assistant to Swamiji. John has also written "Swamiji wants to reach out to his well-wishers and let them know how he is doing."

Please note in the email below: "please kindly refrain from sending personal inquiries at this time" to Swamiji directly.

Sent: Monday, December 30, 2013 2:55 AM
Subject: Swamiji's Situation

Dear Friends,

I am writing on behalf of Swami Veda to communicate to you all the present situation as regards Swamiji's health.

Yesterday, in the late morning, Swamiji had an episode of fainting. Fortunately, Surendra was with him at the time and called for help immediately. Within minutes, he was given the necessary first aid and was taken to HIHT Hospital by ambulance shortly afterwards. From HIHT, he was transferred by air ambulance to Medanta Hospital in Delhi where he has been undergoing tests and receiving the best possible care.

Swamiji has just now finished undergoing a cardio-angiogram and, having just met with the cardiologist, we have been told that the results of this are not significantly different from the last angiogram performed some time ago. We took this as relatively good news in terms of his heart condition.

Swamiji will be staying as an inpatient for some time more to undergo further tests related to his other existing medical concerns.

Swamiji was anxious to know that his spiritual family are being kept informed of his situation. As we know, even in these circumstances, his thoughts and concerns are with his beloved sangha.

We request that all those concerned for Swamiji's health, please kindly refrain from sending personal inquiries at this time. Be well assured that those here with Swamiji will keep you informed of all updates to the situation.

With much Love on behalf of Swamiji.

In service,