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New Release from Swami Veda: Superconscious Meditation

Superconscious MeditationAhymsa Publishers presents Superconscious Meditation, a new release from Swami Veda Bharati, now available as an audio download.

In this clear and inspirational course comprised of eight lectures, Swami Veda presents a solid foundation on the art of meditation. Swamiji details meditative techniques and shares how to bring meditation into our daily lives.

Both beginning and experienced students will gain a deeper understanding of meditation and learn supportive techniques which can be integrated into their practice. Swami Veda begins by discussing the importance of prolonged, lifelong practice and how to distinguish real progress from superficial experiences. Swamiji advises how to make your daily life conducive to meditation, and talks about how meditation can help one deal with dissatisfaction in relationships and ultimately become a source of happiness.


In the final lectures, you will learn how to deal with distractions and disturbing thoughts and how to approach various meditative experiences. Finally, Swami Veda clearly explains two important tools for meditation; the use of mantra, and pranayama, the breathing exercises supportive of meditation. Swami Veda's direct discipleship with Swami Rama of the Himalayas, as well has his own great mastery of numerous meditative techniques and systems, profoundly qualify him to be our guide in these practices.

Tracks include: Introduction to Meditation, Meditation and Mind, Meditation and Self Identification, Meditation and Relationships, Meditation - Distractions and Life, Mantra, Pranayama and Breathing - Part 1, and Pranayama and Breathing - Part 2.

Available worldwide as audio download at CD Baby. See

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