Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Becoming Unattached

If you are a teacher, you will choose what you wish to infuse into the mind of your students, or one you are communicating with, or you are loving, or you are showing anger to.  But, that person will leave no residue on your mind.  A mark of spiritual progress!  No matter what tone he or she spoke, whether he or she stamps her foot at you, or turned her back, or cursed you or threw a dirty glance at you, or spoke a word of praise and admiration, and adoration, it's gone; it's stopped.  End. Next.  Switch off that.  Switch on the next.  Then you are not affected by the adversities and prosperities around you.  It is thus that you rise above censor and praise.  Whether someone is paying attention to you or not paying attention to you, you sit there and say, "What is the cause?" And, you find the answer through the power of observation, because your mind and senses have become keen.