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Jaina festival of Paryushana and Forgiveness (Kshamavani)

Dear Friendly Souls,

On 18th September is the KSHAMAVANI, day of forgiveness in Jaina religion but the sacred observances have already begun. 

At this time, I bow to you and seek forgiveness for any hurt or harm I may have caused to you or to any other soul, directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly.

I offer unconditional apology. Please forgive me with the lovingness and generosity of your heart. 

In service of the divinity in you
Swami Veda Bharati

Swamiji asked Tejas to write how the Day of Forgiveness is celebrated by the Jainas and how it may be adapted for universal observance by all. Jaina festival of Paryushana and Forgiveness (Kshamavani) by Tejas can  be read here: