Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

AHYMSIN Newsletter, August 2013

Table of Contents:
1. Lecture #5 from 2013 Sangha
2. Uttarakhand Disaster Relief
3. Inner Yatra (Pilgrimage)
4. Death, Inseparable Companion of Life
5. 2nd Edition Urge for Peace
6. Explore the Richness of Inner Life
7. Experiences of a Student Teacher of TTP
8. How Is Your Silence Going?
9. Destiny
10. Mindful Musings
11. Interview with Pandit Harshanand Uniyal
12. Guru Purnima in Rishikesh
13. HYM Workshop at the Pune Center
14. Swami Hari on Kindle
15. 2013 Events and Beyond
16. Full Moon Meditation Dates
17. Location of the SRSG ashram
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