Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Live the Truth of Your Real Being

There is something, in you, which is your real Being ---  something, actually not in you, but that you are, that is full.

That beautiful dress is beautiful because the beauty is in your eye. To a person from a different culture it is not beautiful. There's nothing intrinsic in that.

It is a value you have given it. A diamond is precious because you say so. The diamond doesn't say so; you say so. You say so because the worldwide subliminal suggestions, created by DeBeers, say so. I'm telling you, you're conditioned.

. .  Did not Hitler say, speak a lie. Speak it loud. Say it again and again and again and everybody will believe it.  You're believing all the lies.  That's where your value systems are coming from, from the lies.

The true value is from within you. When you know your interior fullness, there's no craving. Then you have no need, no inclination for over-eating, over-speaking, over-sleeping, over this, over that.  Nothing.  No.