Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Letter from Sadhana Mishra

Priya Sarv Shri (Dear All),

As Swami Veda was moving towards his vow of silence, he asked everyone to use Sadhana in Applied Spirituality as a basis for spiritual practice in the next five years and continuing years afterwards.

During the Sangha gathering at SRSG, Swamiji also requested all the family members to participate in a workshop and come up with a proposal on how best we could serve one another, serve Swamiji and the Guru lineage, and strengthen the Sangha.

Accordingly, a workshop was held on 5th March wherein a brief presentation was made outlining the key areas Swamiji would like all of us to focus on. These key areas became the basis of creating groups. At the end of the workshop each group came up with a set of action items that would help fulfill the mission of the Sangha.

Attached please find the presentation "AHYMSIN Family - 'Sahaj Sewa'" that captures the guidelines for the next five years, a summary of activities as an outcome of the workshop and the members of newly elected AHYMSIN Executive Committee 2013.

Please feel free to reach out to any member of the newly elected Executive Committee. We solicit your active participation in the AHYMSIN sangha.

In service,
Sadhana Mishra, AHYMSIN General Secretary