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Brief Notes on the 2013 Sangha Gathering Program at SRSG

A gathering at SRSG of nearly 450 people from 26 different countries was an awesome spectacle in itself. One stepped into the Ashram gates and was almost immediately enveloped in a deep sense of peace. A hectic period for some, a gentle pace for others, every participant made their own personal journey through the ten days in an environment that vibrated with higher energies, oneness and a strong spiritual connection with the divine.

A large tented structure was erected behind Swami Veda's office that easily held the entire gathering. Other structures included a resting tent for those members who did not reside at SRSG, but wished to rest during the day. There was a money exchange counter and also a counter for tea/ coffee and snacks.

Sofia Foteina from Greece, who was one of the volunteers that manned the tea / coffee counter, said that it was a beautiful experience. She felt at home making tea or coffee for friends. People were happy to come to the stall.

For the complete recap of the program content as it took place between 28th February 2013 - 10th March 2013 CLICK HERE to download.