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February 2013 Newsletter by Dan Prideaux

The word consciousness is often used in modern psychology and philosophical literature. It is used for Atmajnana, the direct knowledge that we receive from our Atman. Jiva Atma is the individual soul, and Param Atma is pure consciousness.

From the center of consciousness flows the life force in various degrees and grades. With the following simile, you will clearly understand. When a lamp has many shades, the light is very dim. When you take off the shades, one by one, finally you find the center of light.

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Table of Contents

  • Consciousness and Knowledge
  • Silence Between Breaths
  • Spiritual Advice
  • Astavakra Gita, Part VI by Swami Nitya
  • SRSG News
  • Ammaji's Corner
  • KHEL News
  • Chai and Veggie Pakoras