Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Gratitude for Spoken Words

A letter written to Swami Veda Bharati by a sadhaka who prefers to remain anonymous.

Dear Swamiji,

Daily God is thanked with the greatest of gratitude for the beautiful blessing of the many recordings of spoken words of divinely inspired wisdom. Daily, hour upon hour, my ears hear words of wisdom flowing from the cosmic consciousness like a quiet, but confident river whose source is eternal beauty and truth.

This voice of recorded words is the conduit mouthpiece for the living truth of God's cosmic mind, and a great source of guidance for this one who daily with great eagerness of intention listens to these words, hoping that today, finally, may a strong seed be planted to purify at least one unruly thought of her rampant distracted mind; thus may she be, at last, one millimeter closer to knowing her greatest wish--the realization of God.

Daily, guided by spoken words of truthful insight and by my efforts of intense self examination, if in matters of the day, am unsure of which course of action to take, in the final moment, my mind answers the question the ears have heard many times before; "What action will most please God"? And almost as quickly as the question is asked, the answer will follow. The recordings voice the fire of truth, words of glowing embers guiding one to ways of burning through delusion after delusion, impediment after impediment, revealing method after method of ways to reduce my suffering and that of others and unblock the path to God's glorious cosmic illumination of love--the Divine Soul.

Repeatedly, during the day as she may try and try again to purify her harmful ego centered thoughts, those recalled spoken words are her guides as she tries and tries again to purify the path to her Divine Soul.

Daily, listening to those recorded glowing embers of truth cutting through one delusion after another, repeatedly, this one struggles that her ego may not be diminished sufficiently to allow her at least a momentary experience of living through her Divine Soul; otherwise doomed to the life of a fool--easily buffeted about by the most imperceptible breeze in an ocean of ignorance and delusion--the source of all suffering and the greatest impediment on the path to knowing God.

Daily she prays that this mind will live the truth the ears did hear. Daily, she prays that by repeatedly listening to those words of wisdom, on this day the mind will, at last, be ready to hear what it could not hear yesterday; today may she move some perceptible measure closer to abandoning her prideful heart.

Each word heard may be a glowing ember of wisdom that lights the path to the Divine Soul of love sheltered by the Cave of the Heart. Guided by searing embers of truth, daily may God's love, moment by moment, help to remove each impediment of ignorance and illusion, trifle by trifle, so this soul may know, and pass on, however briefly, the mistaken cosmic illumination of Divine Love.

Vibrating with the brilliant illumination of Divine Love, each atom of the cosmic soul takes its place as a unique speck of the divine universe. Only in divine love, may each uniquely purified glorious speck join another and another and at last radiate as the cosmic brilliance of 10,000 suns.

All are drawn irresistibly to this glow of Divine Love, just as the moth is irresistibly drawn to the light of the candle flame. As each soul is drawn to this cosmic light of love of another, with joy each soul by soul absorbs this divine light of love, and like a candle each joyous soul lights the flame of divine love in another, and another and another until each flaming soul of the cosmic universe is gloriously ablaze as 10,000 suns in the Cave of the Heart.

One day, may this fragile speck of cosmic energy be sufficiently purified to walk the solitary path of Divine Love. As Kabir states, "The path of love, my friend, is very narrow. Two together cannot walk it."

May this speck of energy one day know the joy and freedom of God's love; may this speck of egotistical cosmic energy one day be sufficiently purified to take its place as one candle flame linking the joyous love of one divine soul to another. Let each speck of divine love glow as a glorious link in God's cosmic chain of Divine Love. "Thousands of candles of love can be lit from a single candle and the life of the individual candle will not be shortened. Love never decreases by being shared." (Buddha)

And finally, yearly, on the one designated silent day, with the wise mountains of Kashmir as host, let us, as three, listen with the ecstatic joy of 10,000 suns as these ancient mountain walls passionately reverberate through the cosmic universe with sacred silent echoes of ancient wisdom--serving one purpose--to guide each soul on the path to knowing the greatest joy--Realization of God.

The voice of the word may be silenced, but the echo is eternal.

"When words are spoken from a mind that is still, silent and tranquil, they are inspired words, sending their power echoing for centuries around the globe." (SVB, The Light of 10,000 Suns)

When meditating in the garden late at night and wrapped with the shared light of her full moon, together we will listen in silence to the infinite echo as it eternally vibrates through this cosmic universe.

May Infinite Peace Be Yours