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December 2012 Newsletter by Dan Prideaux

The universe is a dance of energies that vibrate at many frequencies. They ebb and flow, merge and part, form ripples, tides, currents, eddies, and whirlpools. They become units of all sizes, from atoms to stars, from individual souls to cosmic beings, and again they dissolve into each other. As rays, streaks, streams, rivers, oceans of light, they flow into each other and separate again, changing frequencies--and in chang-ing frequencies, they become suns, galaxies, spaces, airs, winds, fires, liquids, solids. They become the bodies of human beings into which the energy called consciousness comes and is embodied.

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Table of Contents

  • Energy of Consciousness in the Human Personality
  • Christmas Blessing from Swami Veda
  • Astavakra Gita, Part IV by Swami Nitya
  • Ammaji's Corner
  • KHEL News
  • Back Cover of "Eyeful of Sky"