Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Next Five Year Sadhana: Guidelines

Dear Affectionate members of our spiritual family, and our leaders, teachers,

As the time is approaching fast for me to enter silence, also as the current life crosses the threshold of 80 years, it is time to give you all reminders of the principles by which you will continue the relationships within the family to make our mission of serving the Guru continuously more successful.

The attached papers are sent with great concern that some of us may forget these ancient principles and their practical applications in making long term or day to day decisions about the Ashram and the spiritual family.

It is by neglecting these principles, after this self is silenced by meditation or by death, that divisions could occur and our service to the ancient Mission of the Gurus would suffer. It is to prevent such occurrence that the attached compositions are presented to you.

Sadhana of sitting down with eyes closed is easy to undertake. The sadhana of applying yamas, niyamas and chitta-prasadanam in daily practical life is a more difficult one.

Let the attached presentations form the theme for group discussions during our gathering in SRSG in February-March 2013.

For those who are unable to come to this event, wherever you are please (a) contemplate (b) discuss (c) undertake this sadhana.

With love and blessings in Gurudeva
Swami Veda Bharati